Noise Management

Noise Management

Noise from events can be disturbing the following advice is designed to help events organisers reduce the risk of disturbance from noise.

Noise disturbance is not just necessarily restricted to music, but can include public address systems, fireworks, the audience and equipment such as generators etc.

Consideration must always be given to residents and businesses living and operating close to where the event is taking place. Noise control should form an integral part of the event planning process and after considering the suitability of a venue, you must consider carefully the position of entry and exit points, stage location, equipment, car parking etc.

If you are only having a very small event with no amplification it is unlikely to cause disturbance to the surrounding area. However for larger events we recommend that you:

  • Nominate a Noise Control Person who regularly checks the noise levels during the event at the perimeter and adjusts them as necessary
  • Advise local residents of your planned activities well in advance
  • Give anticipated start and finish times and provide a contact telephone number for the Noise Control Person at the event.
  • Advise The Council’s Environmental Protection Team of the event, including any contact telephone numbers.
  • During the event sound should be monitored regularly at the closest sound sensitive building and reported back to event control to ensure it does not exceed the agreed sound levels.