Apply to Hold an Event

If you have an event proposal that you would like to host on public land in Middlesbrough complete the Event Notification Form below to inform us of your event details.

Once we have received your completed Event Notification Form we will assess your event proposal and provide you with further information.


Before you start

Please view our event planning guidance before starting your application. Which includes information on planning, licencing, road closures / traffic management, structures and the Independent Safety Advisory Group process.

You are strongly recommended to start planning your event at least six months in advance in order to allow sufficient time for the services to process your application and to contact the responsible authorities for any advice on holding the event.


What you will need

As part of the event notification form you will need to provide us with various event detail and documents, please ensure you have them all before continuing.

In order to complete this form, you will need to provide (where applicable):

  • Event details which include;
    • Dates / times
    • Location
    • Attendee info
    • Event activity and attractions
    • Event facilities
    • Vehicles, traffic and parking
    • Licencing
  • Copy of your Public Liability Insurance Cover (minimum of £5 million)

Saving as draft

You can save your application at any point and carry on where you previously left off. To do this at the start of the form select ‘yes’ to bypass fields option and then save as draft at the end of the form.

Your form will be saved and stored for you to complete later in the ‘My Events’ section in your account.



Once you have submitted your event notification form you will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided. The events team will then assess your event proposal and provide you with further information.

Depending on the scale and/or complexity of the event you could be asked to progress on to the stage 2 application form which covers more detailed event management information which you would have as part of your event management plan. This information will then be reviewed by the Independent Safety Advisory Group before granting land permission for your event.